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About the map

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that music has a positive effect. It can enhance the sense of togetherness, it can calm us in times of fear and anxiety and it can remind us that there are better times to come.

The map is meant as a reminder of the way festivals represent different views and music philosophies, in addition to being places where people meet to have a good time. All over the world, festivals represent cultural gravity points, each and every one contributing to a vibrant and pluralistic global music scene. An entire ecosystem is threatened, our festival family, our venues as well as our collaborators and artists.

That is why we have asked festival bookers around the world to share their top songs with us.

Enter the map and you can listen to bands that have played at the festivals in the past or simply inspiring music that means the world to the festivals right now.


Oslo World is one of Europe’s leading venue festivals, presenting a global outlook on today’s music scene, with a special focus on music from Africa, Latin-America, Asia and the Middle East. In 2020, the festival will run from October 27 – November 1 for the 27th consecutive year.

The festival is happening in 25 venues around Oslo and presents music, talks, dance performances, artexhibitions and an extensive seminarprogram.

Oslo World has also grown beyond its own borders. In addition to the annual festival in the Norwegian capital, Oslo World is responsible for a number of events throughout the year. Since 2013, the festival has been the funding partner and strongly involved in organizing the festival Beirut & Beyond in Lebanon, tours under the same name in Europe and promoting the independent scene from the MENA region in Norway. From 2014 Oslo World has created “Our neighborhood” festivals in asylum centers across the country – where refugees and local communities meet and share music, culture and food. For the past 22 years Oslo World has been responsible for Barnas Verdensdager, our childrens festival, which is arranged in 18 cities in Norway in addition to Oslo. Oslo World does tour activities, seminars and concerts throughout the year.